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To meet the UK Government guidance for Net Zero Carbon by 2050, NRT Group recognises its obligation to do its part. NRT Group now offer renewable energy solutions through our specialist division, NRT Eco.



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Electric Vehicle Charging


NRT Eco are registered installers for over 20 of the UK’s most common Electric Vehicle Charging Point manufacturers.

Our Team are fully City & Guild qualified and insured, with 3 years’ experience in installing and maintaining Electric Charging points.

Unsure which charging point is right for you? Don’t worry, we will point you in the right direction.


All charging units come with a full three year OLEV approved warranty and all workmanship is covered by a year’s guarantee. All electrical components used on your EV installation are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We can also offer you a bespoke maintenance package at a reasonable price, depending on your needs as a client.


We also offer a range of design packages to help you make the most out of your electric vehicle charging. We will help you pick:

  • The right unit
  • Correct charging speed
  • Wiring system
  • Pay system

The OLEV Grants

NRT Eco are approved by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to help you claim back the government grant and to install electric vehicle charging points anywhere in the UK with the following schemes:

Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme

Claim up to £350 off an electric vehicle charging point when installed at home.

Workplace Charge Scheme

Claim up to £350 back per electric vehicle charging point installed for your staff and customers.

Claim the grant for up to 40 single socket charging points or 20 double socket charging points.

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Did you know?
The sale of new production internal combustion engines will be prohibited in the UK by 2030

Did you know?
You could be eligible for a £350 government grant to help with the cost of an electric vehicle charging point.


Solar PV

Solar has changed the lives of people across the world, reducing their use of fossil fuels helping to turn local business and communities green.

Micro-generation will be a key fact to help us deliver the Government’s Net Zero Carbon approach for 2050 and NRT are proud to help facilitate that.

Unsure which panels are right for you? Don’t worry, we can help


Every property is different, so let us bespoke our service to your specific needs. Each installation we do requires a solution specifically designed with the below in mind:

  • Structure suitability for Solar PV
  • Wind loadings and required fixings for your roof type
  • Weight loadings of the panels
  • Scaffolding requirements
  • Best panels for your property
  • Your return on investment 


We can arrange everything needed to carry out the installation:

  • Roof assessment
  • Scaffolding
  • Panel installation
  • Inverter and link your home
  • Optional smart home link that allows you to monitor your generation from your phone


The key to a healthy system is ensuring that it is well maintained , we offer various services:

  • Cleaning of the panel on a yearly basis
  • Examining the roof brackets
  • Light assessments to ensure the panels are not blocked
  • Reviewing old systems to see if you could benefit from replacement panels
  • Checking the inverter to ensure maximum output
  • Overhaul of existing systems

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Did you know?

Solar arrays work even when it’s cloudy.


Battery Storage

Battery systems work in perfect partnership with both Solar and a good off peak electricity provider.

We can offer everything from helping you pick the right battery all the way through to installation and maintenance in the years to come.

Store The Power, Make The Saving

Why not store that excess power generated from your solar panels?
It makes sense to keep the generated electricity to use at night or for a boost when needed. Use your own green energy to power your house or charge you car at home.


If you are generating more energy than you can store or use at one time, then earn by sending it to the grid and help reduce the need for power stations.

Be Independent

By combining both micro-generation and a battery storage system, it is possible to free yourself from the grid.

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Energy Assessments

Our Assessment Services

  • Non-Domestic EPC
  • Domestic EPC
  • CP12 Boiler Checks
  • New Build EPC

Post Survey Services

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Floor insulation

The Government Grant

Government green grants of up to £5,000 are available to help bring the rating of your home to the required level.

This Government green homes grant has been extended until March 2022.

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Did you know?
You must have a current valid EPC whenever property is built, sold or rented.

Do you have high energy bills?
See if NRT Eco can help.


Smart Home Technologies

We can take care of everything from design and installation to maintenance of your smart home technology systems.


Always leaving the lights on?

Turn them off from anywhere in the world by incorporating smart home technologies

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