NRT's Coronavirus (Covid-19) Safety Measures

NRT still completing essential compliance works during this current lockdown following Government Guidelines and strict Covid 19 safety procedures.

NRT Building Services Group have been employed by your council / housing authority to carry out the necessary 5-year Electrical Safety Check on your property. Our operatives will need to access your home to do this, so it is imperative that you understand how we will be going about our works and ensuring yours and our operatives’ safety.

 What we will check:

  • The incoming supply to the property.
  • The consumer unit.
  • All sockets, switches and light fittings will be inspected.
  • All wiring that can be accessed.

What does the 5year Electrical Safety Check involve?

During these checks we will ensure that the property is free of exposed wiring, overloaded sockets and poorly installed equipment.  

Further protective measures may be installed in the form of RCDs and checks to ensure the Consumer Unit is in good working order. All our works will comply with the relevant British Standards.

We will need to access as many electrical points as we can, the more we can test the better however this is not always possible. Please do not feel the need to start moving furniture as our operatives will do this on your behalf and direction.


My appointment is scheduled during this current 2021 lockdown. Will it still go ahead?


Yes. NRT Building Services Group falls within the ‘essential workers’ category as outlined in the current government guidelines; therefore, we are able to and will be honoring all appointments. Please assume that your appointment will be going ahead unless you hear from us to state otherwise.

What are our COVID-19 Safety Measures when working within your home?

Prior to the Electrical test

  • Our operatives would have received any special information that you relayed to our admin staff when you booked the appointment (if applicable).
  • All our operatives would have travelled in an NRT vehicle or private vehicle alone. None of our operatives will travel on public transport. On the rare occasion operatives share a vehicle they will wear masks and the windows will remain open (where practicable)

Undertaking the Electrical test

  • Upon arriving at your property our operatives will explain the scope of works required and the impact of these works i.e. short duration power losses, access to each room etc. 

  • All our operatives have been issued Nitrile Gloves, face masks, overshoes and hand sanitizer – we advocate the use of the masks and washing hands as per the government guidelines, but should you want them to wear gloves and overshoes as an additional precaution, please do not hesitate to ask them (or our office and we will ensure that they comply with your request). 

  • All operatives are to maintain a strict 2m distance at all times and will ask you to retreat to a different room while the works are being carried out (where possible) to maintain a safe distance for you both. If this is not possible, they will rely on their Personal Protective Equipment PPE as a countermeasure. 

Upon completion of the test

  • Our operatives will ensure they wipe down all surfaces that they have come into contact with, using the NRT issued disinfectant spray/wipes.

  • They will ensure that all the services have been re-instated prior to leaving. 

If any NRT operative, or a member of their household/support bubble, experiences symptoms of Coronavirus, they will immediately self-isolate and arrange to take a COVID-19 test. They will not be allowed to return to work until either their test result comes back as negative or the necessary self-isolation period has been completed.

The rules we have employed are in line with the current Government guidelines.

We will continue to monitor the advice given and update our safety measures accordingly. For further information please see the links below:

Construction Enquirer This is a brief article explaining the recent changes and how they affect the Construction industry. - Construction sites to stay open as PM orders England into strictest lockdown since March National Lockdown - Stay at home & going to work

UK Government Corona Virus Advice The official UK Gov website

This is a most unprecedented time, and we would like to thank you for allowing us to continue our works.

If you do not think our operatives are following the rules listed above please let us know by calling our head office on 01737 355 776 and we will address the situation with the utmost immediacy.

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