NRT achieve ‘Carbon Positive’ status

18th August 2022

NRT Building Services Group Ltd are thrilled to announce that we have achieved ‘Carbon Positive’ status; balancing double the amount of operational greenhouse gas emissions that we produce. We will continue to be fully committed in making the biggest strides possible to limit our environmental impact, year on year, in our fight against climate change.

We became Carbon Positive to ensure we had accounted for part of our associated emissions throughout our supply chain that are harder to identify. We have also set out clear goals to achieve an annual 5% reduction in emissions.

We have proudly invested in 2 climate-change-fighting initiatives; ‘Maisa Amazon REDD+ Forestry, Brazil’ and ‘Karnataka Wind Farm, India’. You can read more about these on the links below.

Read about Maisa Amazon REDD+ Forestry, Brazil

Read about Karnataka Wind Farm, India

We are proud to be playing our part in the fight against climate change and we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint year on year, for a better planet for us all.

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