NRT welcomes Becky to our team

11th July 2022

NRT welcome Becky to join our team and the Construction Industry. Joining our ECO Division as a trainee Energy Assessor.

Part of Becky’s introduction into the Construction Industry was to visit one of our live sites under the guidance of George Castleton, Project Manager, Brighton Corn Exchange.

Adam Smith, Divisional Director, ECO said “We welcome Becky into our team and the Construction Industry, this is an exciting time for us as our first female assessor, we hope that you will be the first of many women who will form part of our division as we grow, as ensuring a good diverse work force will be vital for the success of our business.

Becky has already made fantastic progress in her training, both on site and in the classroom and we look forward to supporting her on the Journey to becoming a fully qualified DEA (Domestic energy assessor).

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